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Bail Bonds

Warrant Check

If you think you have a warrant for your arrest anywhere in the state of Florida call our office for information on how to do a rapid intake...
no handcuffs, no bars.



Bail Jumpers

Reward for Information Leading to the Capture of Defendants

If you have information, please call us at 850-444-2663 (BOND). All information is confidential.

Name: Takia Monay Wilson
Birth Date: 11-13-1993
County: Maybe in Florida, Ohio, Georgia or Michigan
Description: 5'1" 168 LBS

Name: Angelimarie Parson
Birth Date: 7/4/1996
County: Pensacola FL 32507
Description: 5'2" 120 LBS

Name: Jerome Scott Ortiz
Birth Date: 10/16/1968
County: In New Jersey, NJ
Description: 5'5" 140 LBS

Name: Jason Joseph Guida
Birth Date: 8/4/1977
County: In Chicago IL
Description: 5'10" 274 LBS

Name: Darius McMillian
Birth Date: 7/7/1989
County: Mobile AL 36675
Description: 5'8" 163 LBS

Name: Ronnie Gene Allen
Birth Date: 11/6/1970
County: In Tennessee
Description: 5'6" 150 LBS